On November 2nd, 2006, in a bustling home for abandoned babies in South Africa, I met a beautiful woman who stole my heart. 21 months later we were married and started our life together in her childhood home, a small city in north central Alberta called Wetaskiwin.

In the years I have spent living in Wetaskiwin, I have heard many complaints and criticisms of the town, and have spent my fair share of time subscribing to those beliefs. To be fair, there is probably some truth in at least some of these beliefs, but focusing on negative things does not foster the kind of lifestyle I (nor my family) want to live.

The purpose of this weblog, therefore, is not to confirm or deny the criticisms that are familiar to many residents of this city. The purpose is, instead, to write aboout some of the good, even great things I have stumbled upon around Wetaskiwin, whilst becoming a husband and father, doing business, seeking pleasure and generally learning about life.

Sometimes I will probably mention people and businesses by name, and I doubt I will ask for permission. If I ever receive so much as a coupon from a company in response to a post, I will let you know. Money or any kind of renumeration is not my goal; my goal is to talk about good things: whether it’s a local restaurant or a location for a national chain, an individual I’ve encountered or just a hidden corner of the city that I feel needs a little light shed upon it.

In short, I’m going to take an optimistic approach to living in Wetaskiwin, as a person should in any community in which they choose to live. Without permission, I hereby dub myself the wetaskiwin optimist.


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