a toast to the pharmacy staff

Before I moved to Wetaskiwin, I didn’t spend much time around the medical profession. When we had been married a little over a year, my wife became pregnant, and that changed things forever. Doctor’s appointments became the norm, and trips to the pharmacy were a frequent event that, thankfully, we grew to look forward to.

pharmI have never met a pharmacist or pharmacy staff member in our city that I didn’t like. In my experience, they are among the friendliest people in town. We go to the pharmacy at Safeway almost exclusively, but I’ve had occasion to stick my head in the door of a few other places, and my experiences have been positive, time and again. For example, both times I stepped into the Wetaskiwin Family Pharmacy the ladies behind the counter were literally laughing with joy over some joke they were sharing, but were more than happy to stop and serve me with a friendly smile. It wasn’t the kind of laughter that is at someone’s expense, or where you walk in on it and it is immediately awkward. It was the kind of laughter and the kind of people who make the instantaneous decision to let you in on their happiness. Can they possibly enjoy their jobs that much, or are they just quality people? I’m guessing a little bit of both.

We love they pharmacy staff at Safeway. While our boys literally could not be more wonderful, unfortunately the time they spent growing inside my wife could have been A LOT more wonderful. Pregnancy is a cruel, cruel master over my poor, brave wife, and over those months I was a frequent visitor at the back counter at Safeway. The prescriptions were always accompanied by an enquiry after my wife’s health, an expression of disappointment that the current trimester was, yet again, no better than the last, or a friendly demand that we bring the baby by as soon as he made his appearance. I was new in town when this was happening, and I found myself considering these genuine, friendly people to be some of my most cherished acquaintances, even friends. When our first son was born, we made a special trip to the pharmacy to introduce him, and the cooing and oohing and awing must have been heard across the store. When our second son was born a little over two years later, the reaction was the same.

And it hasn’t ended there. These busy people are never too busy to answer our questions, often going beyond protocol and delving into their own personal experiences to help us make informed decisions regarding ours and our sons’ health. Several of these fine people have been serving my wife’s family for decades, and their loyalty and dedication is hard to miss.

It always feels good to be a “regular,” and to have a “usual” (even if it’s anti-nausea medication) is something to treasure. I never expected to find such an experience in my local pharmacy, but I’m glad I have. Though it may seem trivial, this is one of the things that I truly love about this town.

Therefore, raise a glass to the fine pharmacists of Wetaskiwin! Thanks for doing your part in keeping optimism alive.

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3 Responses to a toast to the pharmacy staff

  1. Daniel says:

    This is a grey blog. A fun read. Thank you so much or sharing the optimistic side to our city. There are plenty of bad things about this place and it is easy to hear all about them anywhere you go. However there are also many good things and it is great to hear someone somewhere talk about them. Thank you. 🙂

  2. PJ says:

    It sounds like a great sense of community! I treasure community, too.

  3. mama jeanne says:

    I think it was closing time when I got to meet some of these lovely people on one of my visits to Wetaskiwin. The staff waited for us to arrived and served us with smiles and interest in how everyone was doing. What a sweet breath of fresh air. Thumbs up to the wonderful pharmacists in the Wetaskiwin Safeway.

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